Motor City Juggling Club

Variable Juggling Location

Juggling may be at Varner or Pawley Hall depending upon availability.

At present, we are having difficulty reliably finding indoor juggling space at Varner Hall, yet we were told recently that the Pawley Hall atrium will be used for a different function until mid-December, so we can not yet move there officially. We have initiated inquiry to determine whether Pawley Hall really is unavailable at this time but have not yet had a response. When definitive information is available, it will be posted to the website. Until then, however, we do not have a fixed juggling location. Consequently, for the upcoming several weeks, it is advisable to use parking lot #26, which lies between Varner and Pawley Halls, and check both locations. If you do not find us in one of the regular rooms at Varner Hall, then check the Pawley Hall atrium. See locations at which we juggle in each building.

Posted October 30, 2007

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