Motor City Juggling Club

Atrium Scheduling Conflict

Indoor juggling at 8:40 PM; outdoor at 7:00 PM.

Due to a scheduling conflict until at least mid-December, we will have access the Pawley Hall atrium only after 8:40 PM when juggling indoor. We are attempting to find an alternate meeting location, but until that happens, or until stated otherwise, we will meet as follows:

  • If juggling outdoor, we meet at 7:00 PM as usual outside Varner Hall.
  • If juggling indoor, we meet at 8:40 PM at the Pawley Hall atrium (rather than our usual 7:00 PM).

We expect to juggle at least another two or three weeks outdoor if weather is favorable, else indoor. After that, we meet indoor. Further information will be posted when available.

Please check the news and calendar each week before juggling.

Posted September 17, 2013

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