Motor City Juggling Club

Atrium Scheduling Conflict

Possible weekly indoor juggling relocation.

Pawley Hall administration informed us that a class has reserved the atrium until 9:00 PM this semester through December 10, 2014, however, it is not clear if the class is indeed meeting there. Consequently, we will attempt to meet at 7:00 PM as follows:

  • at the Pawley Hall atrium if unoccupied

  • otherwise, at the Engineering Center (campus map) in the atrium just inside the main entrance off parking lot #36

  • otherwise, outdoor at our normal location (weather permitting)

If it turns out that the Pawley Hall atrium is indeed otherwise occupied, and if the Engineering Center atrium proves problematic, then we will instead attempt to reserve a room at the Oakland Center on a weekly basis. Therefore, be sure to check the calendar each week to determine where we plan to meet.

Posted October 7, 2014

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